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Featured Venture

Featured Venture

Intellibus Network Solutions Inc.

The Boeing Company recently engaged Foster Chamberlain to plan and launch IntelliBus Network Systems, Inc., a spin-off venture formed to commercialize a breakthrough in electronic networking.

Initially developed for advanced fighters and helicopters by Boeing's Military Aircraft and Missile Systems division, the IntelliBus technology dramatically reduces the complexity and cost of linking electronic sensors and actuators. At the same time, it increases a system's overall reliability and performance, making it valuable for a wide-range of applications in the automotive, aerospace and industrial-control industries.

Foster Chamberlain helped to develop the business strategy and structure for IntelliBus and generated its financial projections. Then, Todd Peterson, a Foster Chamberlain principal, was installed as the interim Chief Financial Officer to solicit and negotiate the terms of an $11 million, Series A round of venture-capital financing and to help secure relationships with key customers.